May 9th – Mariners Come Back From 4…TWICE. Also, BEN GAMEL


This team is ridiculous. Miranda comes out and gives up four runs in the 1st inning and this team has no problem going back out there and getting those four runs back. They would eventually take the lead 5-4 on a Gamel three run HR in the 4th, then Miranda and Machi combine to give up five runs in the bottom of the inning. They were down four again with the score 9-5 going into the 6th.

One would think, alright they just came back from four to take the lead and then the game blew up in their faces again, Cano left with injury, lets just move on to tomorrow. But the way this team just keeps going is so fun to watch. They were just like “I guess we’ll just comeback again now, no big deal”.

Mariners would get three runs back in the 6th on a couple singles and an error but another day another Ben Gamel big day/clutch hit. I feel like I’ve talked about him doing something awesome every other day. He doubles in Segura to tie the game 9-9. Then Motter (who came in for Cano) ends up doubling in Segura in the 9th to go up 10-9 and this team has fought back AGAIN. What a way to start a road trip too. Hopefully they carry to momentum throughout the trip.

Gamel ended the day going 4-5, 4 hits (1HR), 4 RBI’s, 3 runs and a walk.

And don’t over look Segura who went 3-6, 3 hits, 3 runs.

Final Score – 10-9 Mariners



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