Can we talk about John Grudens QB Camp and how STUPID it is?


This show is fucking stupid. The premise of this show is NFL QB prospects going into John Gruden’s fake video room and kind of going over what life will be like as a Professional QB.

My main problem with this segment is his hair cut is the fact that he basically tells the prospects what to do. You know what I could do? Follow simple directions against no defense after specifically being told whats about to happen and what I’m suppose to do. How the fuck does that prove anything?

In this interview with Mitch Trubisky go to the segments at 17:00 – 18:23 and 21:45 till the end of the video.

What is the point?! Is the point to let people know how he will perform when nobodies really trying and everyone knows what to do and the defense knows to not really get in the way? If thats the case and I’m a Bears fan I am now totally relieved. Cause thats going to to translate perfectly.

During this video with DeShaun Watson at 13:00 Gruden says “we’re going to keep it real simple” and at 20:39 he’s literally telling the fake defender what Watson is going to do to him.

Thank god you’re going to keep it simple cause I don’t think he can handle any pressure or any daunting task. Its not like he’s played Alabama in back to back title games. We need to see what he’s like when you baby him through everything. Thanks.

ESPN had to make cutbacks but they also had to make this show happen…. Is it me? Do people actually find this informative?

I guarantee the Browns and Jaguars actually use these to scout.

11 months ago
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