April 27th – Getting Jiggy With it/Long Haired Bash Brothers Finish it off


I tweeted at the Mariners account on the 26th that they should play Getting Jiggy with it by Will Smith pre game and Paxton/the lineup went out there and tore the Tigers apart. So I thought I might as well do it again today. The Mariners twitter account replied with “#WhateverItTakes”. And what happened today? Iwakuma tore the Tigers apart. It would be hilarious if it catches on and last a while. But if its good enough for a road series win I’ll take it.

Iwakuma didn’t really have any trouble at all.  Breaking ball city all day today and it gave the Tigers trouble. There were a couple warning track fly balls and a couple of nice plays in the field (especially Heredia’s catch in foul territory) but the only person on the Tigers to get a hit off of him was Tyler Collins. It was a pitchers duel between Verlander and Iwakuma and the only runs scored on each were unearned.

In the 6th the Mariners caught a break when two Tigers collided in the outfield on a Cruz fly ball allowing him to get to second. Seager followed that up by knocking him home and it looked like one of those games where a little break like that can win you the game but in the bottom of the 6th we gave them a break right back. Victor Martinez hit a ball into the shift and Cano was attempting make a tough pop up slide throw and the ball hit off of him far enough away for the runner on second to score.

The Mariners did a good job of getting Verlanders pitch count up but it seems like it doesn’t even matter cause he’s still getting outs no problem with 120 pitches in the 7th.

I thought Servais was getting a little trigger happy with the bullpen. He pulled Iwakuma out with 84 pitches and really no trouble getting through the lineup. And Rzepczynksi got 2 easy outs and was taken out for Zach. All was fine with the Mariners bullpen and finally in the 9th Detroits bullpen makes the first mistake.

Seager hits a double in the top of the 9th and then they just left the rest up to what I call the tag team of “The Long Haired Bash Brothers” featuring Ben Gamel and Taylor Motter.  Gamel singles in Seager to take the lead 2-1 and then 9th Diaz gets two outs and the last out of the game Motter makes a ridiculous catch in the stand on the 1st base side. He’s played SS, 3rd and 1st base over the last 4 games and not even phased by where he’s playing.


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